WaffleBot is a general purpose Discord bot with a web interface for the WaffleHacks hackathon. It supports various features such as support tickets, pre-made responses, and moderation tools.

Support tickets are handled in Discord where a new channel is created per ticket, allowing sufficient privacy between the opener and organizers/mentors. While the channels are eventually deleted as there is an upper limit for the number of channels per server, ticket logs are viewable via a web UI connected to the bot. The pre-made responses allow for easy answers to commonly asked questions or simply information about various topics accessibly via command. Similarly to the ticket logs, the pre-made responses are configured through the web UI.

WaffleBot is built on top of discord.py for the bot, and FastAPI and Svelte for the web UI. This was built for the WaffleHacks hackathon which is occurring from August 27th to 29th, 2021.